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View your Horoscope Details, Charts, Bhava, Saptakvarga, Astakvarga and Dasas Details. Astrology Names...


Find astrology details of all cities exact time of Sun Rise/set, Rahu Kalam, Chowgadia and other import times...

Baby Names

Find your baby name as per Rasi, Naksakthra, Numerology, Religions with meaning...


Find occurate Numerology Details for you birth date, numerology matching, name compatibility, suitable name number / material number,....
Panchang also known as Hindu calendar contains five elements - Day, Naksakthra, Tithi, Yoga and Karan for everyday. It also shows...
Planet Positions
Find exact planetary positions - in degree, minutes, rasi, star / naksakthra, star pada, planet state and planet strength...
Sun Sign
Solar Calender is based on the movement of Sun. Sun travels one month in each sign. Find sun position
Moon Sign
In Indian astrology, Moon Sign is most importand for all the aspects. To view accurate Moon sign for your location...
In Vedic Astrology birth naksakthta is most important. There are 27 naksakthras in astrology. The Naksakthra, which Moon Sign is called Day's Naksakthra.
Lagna / Ascendant
The sign that is rising on eastern horizon at the time and place is called lagna. In Horoscope houses are counted from lagna...
Sun Rise / Sun Set
In Hindu System, Everyday is from sunrise to next day sunrise. Daytime is sunrise to sunset and Nighttime is sunset to next sunrise...
Rahu Kalam
Rahu Kalam is important time in day which is considered inauspicious for any good work. Everyday rahukalam is 1 hour and 30 minutes...
Everyday spilitted into 24 Horas. Daytime-12 and Nighttime-12 Horas. Specific Hora gives big success for specific events...
Chogadia used to find auspicious time for events. Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Chal are good period. Rog, Kaal & Udveg are bad period.
Panchang Details @ Sun Rise
Latitude:28:38 N
Longitude:77:12 E
Sun Rise:06:09
Sun Set:18:40
Vikrami Year:2056
Saka Year:1921 - Pramadhi
Saka Month:Phalguna
Naksakthra:Uttara Bhadrapada
Amirthathi Yoga:Amirth Yog
Dik Soolai:North
Important Times
Rahu Kalam:15:32 - 17:06
Yamakandam:09:17 - 10:51
Gulikai:12:24 - 13:58
Durmuhurtha-1:08:39 - 09:29
Durmuhurtha-2:20:45 - 23:11
Abijit Muhurhta:23:11 - 25:38
Planet Position @ Sun Rise
PlanetRasi NameDegreeNaksakthraPada
MoonMeena11:22Uttara Bhadrapada3
MercuryKumbha23:45Purva Bhadrapada2
VenusMeena02:46Purva Bhadrapada4
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